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Company Announcements


The following is a company announcement issued by AST Group P.L.C. (the “Company”) bearing company registration number C 66811, in terms of the rules of Prospects, a market regulated as a multi-lateral trading facility and operated by the Malta Stock Exchange (“Prospects”).

                      BONDHOLDER MEETING RESULTS

Further to company announcement AST51 issued by the Company on the 26 th April 2023, the Company is hereby announcing that pursuant to a bondholders meeting held today, the 10th May 2023, the required majority of holders of the €2,000,000 5.5% unsecured bonds 2028 (ISIN: MT0001701201) of a nominal value of €100 per bond issued at par by the Company (the “Maturing Bondholders”), in accordance with the company admission document dated 4 th December 2017 (the “2017 Company Admission Document”), approved the early redemption of the €2,000,000 5.5% unsecured bonds 2028 (ISIN: MT0001701201) (the “Maturing Bonds”) issued by the Company and admitted to listing and trading on the Prospects MTF List of the Malta Stock Exchange pursuant to the 2017 Company Admission Document.

As already communicated through the company announcement AST49 issued on 20th April 2023, the Company has obtained regulatory approval for the issue of €8,500,000 6.25% secured bonds redeemable in 2033, to be issued at par with a nominal value of €100 per bond (the “New Bonds”), pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in a prospectus dated 20th April 2023 (the “Prospectus”), to be listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.

In terms of the Prospectus, the Company will be granting preference to Maturing Bondholders for the subscription to the New Bonds. Maturing Bondholders are invited to reach out to the Authorised Intermediaries participating in the Intermediaries’ Offer for the subscription of the New Bonds.

Full details of the issue of the New Bonds are included in the Prospectus which is available on the Company’s website (

Katia Cachia
Company Secretary
10th May 2023