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Headquartered in Malta, AST Group p.l.c. is a company which has been admitted to Prospects MTF, regulated by the Malta Stock Exchange. The group is active in animal feed trading, shipping operations and management as well as chartering of bulk carriers.
The Group’s business is structured across various companies and brands.
The animal feed trading business operates across the Mediterranean and European regions under the Damask brand, operating as Damask Investments Limited. The shipping and chartering businesses also operate under the Damask brand, as Damask Shipping and Management Limited and Damask Chartering Limited respectively. All companies are registered in Malta and are 100% owned by AST Group p.l.c.
Backed by years of experience, AST Group carries out end-to-end supply chain management, from sourcing raw materials for high nutrient animal feed to the delivery of animal feed to producers.
Today, AST Group is actively serving clients in Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Spain, France as well as Malta. The Group has representative offices in each of these markets and is currently considering further expansion into additional European and non-European markets. Over the years, the trading business increased its operations by expanding its geographic reach, its product portfolio and by setting up new branches in different markets.Through its subsidiaries, the Group owns, manages and charters a multipurpose vessel for the delivery of animal feed across the Mediterranean region.

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