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Company Announcements

Basis of Acceptance – €8,500,000 6.25% Secured Bonds 2033

The following is a company announcement issued by AST Group p.l.c. (the “Company”) bearing company registration number C 66811, in terms of the rules of Prospects MTF, a market regulated as a multi-lateral trading facility and operated by the Malta Stock Exchange.
Basis of Acceptance – €8,500,000 6.25% Secured Bonds 2033

The Company is pleased to announce that the offer of €8,500,000 6.25% Secured Bonds 2033 (the “New Bonds”) has been subscribed in full.

In terms of the prospectus dated 20 April 2023 (the “Prospectus”), the New Bonds were allocated to Existing AST Bondholders and Authorised Intermediaries (as both defined in the Prospectus). The New Bonds are expected to be admitted to listing on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on 16 June 2023 and trading is expected to commence on the 19 June 2023.

The redemption of the 2018 AST Prospects MTF Bonds (as defined in the Prospectus) is expected to be on the 16 June 2023. Interest on the New Bonds at the rate of 6.25% shall start accruing on the 16 June 2023.

The Board of Directors would like to thank the Existing AST Bondholders who subscribed to the New Bonds for their continued confidence in the Issuer over the years, the investing public and the participating Authorised Intermediaries for their support in this successful bond issue.

Katia Cachia
Company Secretary
9 June 2023