DS Chartering

DS Chartering is the group’s connection with the freight market, having establish a long and strong relation with associated brokers and important market Players.

It provides services to group owned fleet and to selected third parties seeking business opportunities for sound profits and safe fixtures.

It continuously monitoring the freight market selecting the right voyage on the right time for the given position.

It fixes the vessels with safe orientation, selecting suitable voyages free of risks with safe cargoes as per IMDG code.

It negotiates with our charterers the terms and conditions of the charter parties in order to avoid unnecessary commitments on a fair basis for both owner and charterer and it carries out all the preparedness of the time charter from its fixture to the signed copy.

It provides the communication channel between the owner and charterer establishing the necessary correspondence keeping their relationship in balance.

It takes care of all post fixture matters, such as laytime, trace of open balances, bill of ladings, letter of indemnities.

DS Chartering is Owners first defend in legal matters and a safeguard to avoid any matter to become a claim.