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Company Announcements

COVID-19 Update

In furtherance of the Company Announcement issued by the Company on the 24th of March relating to the impact of the currently evolving Covid-19 pandemic on an international level on the Company, the Company wishes to provide its bondholders and stakeholders generally with an update on the current situation. Although the Company is still not impacted by COVID-19, it is to be said that more measures have been put in place by the Company with respect to the ship personnel. Furthermore, due to strict lockdowns imposed in other countries, modes of transport have been temporarily closed off, and this might therefore pose a threat to supply issues which may arise in the future.
The Company wishes to reiterate its commitment that its management are still and will continue to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak developments closely and are following guidance and instructions issued by the World Health Organization and is striving and shall continue to strive to abide by the requirements and regulations as issued by respective local governments.

Dr Katia Cachia
Company Secretary
6th April 2020