DS Shipping

DS Shipping  activities are exclusively related to the management of vessels.

The company provides top quality management services to group owned vessel and to selective partners, having set life, environment and property protection the priorities of its policy.

It implements cost effective procedural and technological innovations providing safe practices in ship operation and safe working environment. Through a well-defined organisational structure with the relevant Ships management discipline spirit, provides Safe Practices in ship Operation and a safe working environment.
The Company’s relationships with third party commercial partners, suppliers, contractors, insurers, mutual interest parties, governmental bodies and associations are governed by the principles of continuity and low profile.

It procures safe practices in ship operation and establish protective measures against all identified risks providing a safe working   environment. It takes corrective & preventive action against identified needs. The company complies with all mandatory international rules and regulations governing the marine industry.

It monitors and upgrades the maintenance of the vessels keeping them in good condition and shape. Frequently inspects the managed fleet and carries out the necessary repairs.

The company invests on the well-being and carrier development of its seafarers, properly manning its vessel’s and continuously improving the working skills of its seafarers identifying their training needs and implementing the necessary training.

The company takes advantage of the high level of know-how and experience of its office personnel. It continuously improves their safety management skills and offers regulatory training by classification societies for the latest industry developments.