DDGS is a by-product of ethanol and in fact is obtained after ethanol is removed from corn following the fermentation process.

DDGS is a high-energy additive with easy and high digestibility that improves the fermentation processes in the stomach and the absorption of feed for animals.

DDGS is a healthy way to supplement the diet of animals.

It is completely natural and made of non-genetically modified organisms (90% of soy in the world is genetically modified, while the DDGS is produced from corn that is clean). It is also free from any antibiotic treatment.

Typical Analysis (on a dry matter basis)

Dry Matter (%) Energy (M) ME / KG DM Crude Protein (%) Oil (%) NDF (%) Starch (%) Sugar (%) DUP (%)
89 15 29/30 9/10 33.5 7 1 14

DDGS Process